Save Money in Darwin with Energy Efficient Solar Panels

At Electrical & Fire Services, we’re proud to offer the Darwin area solar installation! You can power your home in a fully eco-friendly and clean way with our fully installed solar panels. While you might already know that solar energy is environmentally friendly, since it generates no carbon emissions and lowers your reliance on the power grid which often does rely on those sources, there are additional benefits that you might not be expecting.
Solar Panel — Electrical and Fire Services in Yarrawonga, NT

Solar Panels as an Investment


It’s well-known that using solar energy is a good way to spend less on your month to month utility bills, since you’ll be relying much less on the local power company (or not relying on them at all), but solar panel installation could also increase the value of your home a lot more than you think. There are numerous ways solar energy is good for your wallet! In fact, in some cases, power companies will buy solar energy you aren’t using to add it to the power grid.

Reliable Energy Source


The sun is fully renewable every day, and if you live in a home without too much cloud coverage (so you get a clear line of sight to the sun each day), you can reasonably assume that your energy source is practically unlimited. Without solar panels wired in, you may not have to rely on the power grid at all anymore, while you enjoy an often even more reliable source of electricity.

Getting Started


If you’re ready for us to start wiring your solar panels, give our electrical experts a call and we’ll walk you through the process of getting started. We’ll check out your home and ensure that you’re a good candidate for solar panels and give you clear numbers with regard to how many you will need based on your home size and relative energy consumption.