CCTV, Emergency Lighting & Evacuation Systems in Darwin

Great service is nothing without the top products to back it up. At Electrical & Fire Services in Darwin, we work with a vast assortment of manufacturers to supply our customers with the highest quality lighting, emergency fire supplies, and other materials they need to keep their home or business safe and running smoothly. Learn more about our impressive product list right here.

Products Offered

We have the following products available for our clients:
  • CCTV systems
  • MATV systems
  • Security & access control systems
  • Emergency & exit lighting
  • Fire sprinkler & evacuation systems
  • Portable fire protection equipment
  • Fire doors
  • Overhaul & maintenance of sprinkler valves
  • Diesel & electric pumps
  • Flow & pressure testing of hydrant systems
  • Fire detection equipment
  • Gas suppression equipment
CCTV Camera — Electrical and Fire Services in Yarrawonga, NT
Whether you need items to help you keep your electric system running at its best, or you need a conventional security or access control system in place, we have something that will help. We’ll install your safety products to ensure you’re getting the best of both labour and materials.

Serving the Greater Darwin Area


Our products are offered throughout the Greater Darwin area and surrounding locations, allowing us to provide our local community with personalised service and top of the line products. If you’re in the area and you’re in need of safety lighting, fire system installation, or other electrical services, please reach out and let us help you determine which products and services are right for you. We’re happy to serve you! Not sure if we have the products you’re looking for? Contact us today and we’ll give you more detailed information on our product offerings, or help you determine the type of item you need for your own personalised goals. We carry a wide range of makes, models and options to accommodate virtually any home or business setting.