Fire Protection Services Darwin

Electrical & Fire Services in Darwin know that when it comes to your home or business, safety is of the highest level of importance. Having a proper fire safety system in place is one way to ensure the people who matter most are protected and safe from disaster. Thousands of fires strike each and every year, and with them come millions of dollars in property damage, serious injuries and sadly, even loss of life. Many of these fires could have been prevented or at least properly managed if the proper safety systems had been in place.
Sprinkler System — Electrical and Fire Services in Yarrawonga, NT

Smoke Detectors and Beyond


While you can go and get a smoke detector from any department store, they don’t hold a candle to the wired systems we can install. A wired system ensures that all detectors are connected, so if one goes off at one end of the building, they all go off, so you have plenty of warning before the fire has a chance to spread. There are also alarms that detect not only smoke but flames and heat. Both large-scale commercial alarms and smaller residential units are available.

Sprinkler Systems


Whether for a business or a multi-unit apartment complex, having a sprinkler system is important. When the system detects smoke or heat, the sprinklers are set into action to deliver water where it’s needed to contain or even put out fires. This is a must-have when your building is a commercial or public building, multi-home complex or even a single-family home when you want added protection to keep your family safer.

Ready to up the ante on safety for your family? Contact us and we’ll design a fire safety system just for you. We’re accredited with the FPA (Fire Protection Association Australia) and CAL (Contractor Accreditation), so you can rest assured that you’re getting knowledgeable service and professional installation work.