Light Fitting & Ceiling Fan installation

If you’re looking for a top electrician in Darwin or surrounding areas, then we hope you’ll give Electrical & Fire Services us a call. At some point, nearly every home or business needs the skills of a licensed electrician. Whether you need to hang a new light or ceiling fan, or you’re looking for more extensive installations and troubleshooting for an existing system, we can offer you prompt and professional service.

We not only offer services related to wiring new construction, switchboard updates and troubleshooting existing systems, but we also provide a full range of additional services. We’re here to help with all of your air conditioning wiring and installation, the installation of solar panels, and fire protection services to keep your home or business safe and secure in the event of a fire.
Ceiling Fan Installation — Electrical and Fire Services in Yarrawonga, NT

Why hire a professional electrician?


There are many situations in which you might want to hire a professional wiring installer vs trying to go it alone. While you probably already know that electrical systems and other complex projects are better left to the professionals, you might not know that we handle other projects such as ceiling fan and lighting installations. No matter how small the task, we can help you get it done faster and with less chance of an issue arising.

Other Electrical Services


Aside from the conventional services most people think of when they think of an electrician, we also offer a range of other options for added convenience and safety. This includes fire systems, solar panel installation, and air conditioning installations. If you’re ready to start on a project or have questions with regard to the services we offer, feel free to reach out with any questions you might have. We’re here to help you determine which products and services are the best fit for your needs.